Case 6

Alexie Sundukov v. Jim Shaw, Feature Gallery, Flash Art, Art Forum & Artscribe

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York – October 21, 1993 (Case No. 93 Civ 7303)

Successfully represented Plaintiff against Defendant Shaw, who infringed on Plaintiff's copyrights by using reproductions of Plaintiff's original works in "Murderers," "Beatlemaniacs," and "Chicago 68."

On October 4, 1993 Gale Elston, attorney for plaintiff Alexie Sundokov, brought an action in the USDC, Southern District of NY, against defendants Jim Shaw, Feature Gallery, Flash Art, Art Forum and Artscribe for copyright infringement by unauthorized reproductions of original artwork created entitled “Face to Face” and “Illuminated Surface”, and a wood sculpture with oil painting.

Plaintiff sought (i) a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction requiring that defendants cease and desist in any effort to reproduce and market, distribute, publish, lease or sell any reproductions of Plaintiff’s art work in any form whatsoever and in any market, and (ii) monetary damages for copyright infringement.

Nature of the Suit: Property Rights - Copyright

Key Nature of the Suit: Intellectual Property

Cause: 17 USC 501