The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Estonia to the United Nations, & Tiina Intelmann v. Alfred Thompson, Paul Galvin, New Start LLC, Ruth M. Golod, Bill Martin, Corcoran Group Real Estate, Benjamin James Associates Inc.

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Case No. 06 CV 3144)

Successfully represented Plaintiff against Defendants for fraud and misrepresentation when Defendants represented that the premises leased to the Plaintiff by Defendants were (1) habitable, when in fact there was loss of heat and hot water and (2) commercial in nature, when in fact the premises were zoned to be residential.

Also successfully represented Plaintiff against Defendants Thompson, Galvin, and New Start LLC for slander to neighbors and trespass to property.

The litigation was resolved after a Federal trial to the satisfaction of Plaintiff who was awarded monetary compensation.

Nature of the Suit: Fraud; Misrepresentation; Slander; Trespass

Key Nature of the Suit: Real Property, Defamation

Causes: N.Y. Property Law 234 & 235(b)