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gpe with carolee

"I'm pleased to add to the appreciations of the Gale Elston Law Firm, which has assisted me for more than 20 years."

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"As an attorney, Gale Elston is all of the things one wishes for in a lawyer; smart and very creative yet forceful and able to achieve results. As a strong person with balanced family and work relationships she is uniquely able to understand the complex aspects of an artist's life and practice. She and her staff were essential in the difficult process of probating the Dennis Oppenheim Estate. She continues to be an advisor with special expertise in real estate law and copyright protection issues. I highly recommend Gale P. Elston, P.C., and her associates."

"Gale and Jenna are the best lawyer team for artists!"

"Gale and Jenna have a very hands on attitude and have a great insight into the various aspects of the American legal system. The Elston law firm is a pioneering company with a distinctive approach to business and an engaging culture. Both Gale and Jenna are good down to earth people who bring new ideas and challenge the conventional approach when it's required."

Fred Eversley, Artist of the Year

(LA Artcore, 2010)

"In five minutes Gale gave me advice that saved me $50,000. I recommend her firm to everyone and I have for the past twenty years!"

gpe and hans

Hans Vandebovenkamp

I am honored to write regarding Gale Elston, attorney of law, who wrote my trust.
Miss Elston is very knowledgable in trusts and compassionate about her clients wishes.
She has made it convenient by visiting my residence to work out the details. She is a
specialist in art and artists matters and has worked with many well established artists to
work out their issues, such as wills, trusts . foundations , copy rights and other legal matters.
She is passionate about art , even purchased my sculpture for sculpture gardens in Europe
and the USA. She even wrote a complex lawsuit in my behalf for a large sculpture in Nebraska ,
dealing with state and government regarding physical damages of the sculpture, and eventually demolished
a historic art work, which I had won in a world wide sculpture competition.
She is punctual, courteous and a friend. I am blessed to finally have met her and work together now.
Truly yours,